Loyalty Circle

UNLV Athletics' Premier Stakeholder Society

The Loyalty Circle is the UNLV Athletic Department's premier stakeholder society. This exclusive community of investors, through their generosity, provides life-changing scholarship support for UNLV's 515 student-athletes.

Due to the strategic nature of their giving, Loyalty Circle members enjoy comprehensive, consistent and exclusive stewardship.

Foremost, each Loyalty Circle member is matched, per year, with at least one student-athlete receiving a scholarship through their support. This union is a foundation for a lasting relationship between the student-athlete and the benefactor, rooted in the understanding that scholarships truly change lives.

Throughout the academic year, LC members receive opportunities to interact with the student-athletes they support. This engagement builds across the fall and into the spring, before culminating a prestigious year-end event: the Loyalty Circle Gala. The Gala pairs LC members with the student-athletes they support to reflect on challenges, achievements and the centrality of education to life following graduation.

This engagement represents the spirit of the Loyalty Circle Program…with a Loyalty Circle gift serving as a pathway to a transformational relationship between our Loyalty Circle investors and our exceptional student-athletes.

With professional sports permeating Las Vegas, it is safe to say that the city represents a competitive marketplace. The Rebels, however, stand out from the crowd…

For UNLV Athletics, it's not simply about winning at all costs…It's about winning with character, embodying integrity and personifying excellence in competition, on campus and across our community.

When you join the Loyalty Circle, therefore, you invest in the development of student-athletes as leaders in all facets of their lives…leaders who will graduate with a UNLV degree, thrive in the workplace and serve our great city and state with honor and distinction.

You also join an elite society of investors who believe that this program - Rebel Athletics - is destined for greatness. Expressly, your vote of confidence testifies to a collective commitment to a championship standard. You are raising the bar but trust that our coaches, staff and student-athletes accept and embrace the expectation…together we will Graduate Leaders, Win Championships and Excel in all that We Do. Call 702-895-1533 to learn more.

Additionally, Loyalty Circle gifts advance strategic initiatives for the UNLV Athletic Department dedicated to advancing student-athlete excellence. Such priorities include:

  • Academic Support Services
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Performance
  • Career Readiness
  • Leadership