The Rebel Athletic Fund’s Priority Point System exists to reward those individuals who have made the ultimate commitment to UNLV Athletics. The system provides objectivity in determining donor status in regards to membership standing. It is important to note that while the RAF only calculates your Priority Point total, it is you who determines your Priority Point position through your program support and years of involvement in the RAF.

In order to accumulate Priority Points, you must be an active member of the Rebel Athletic Fund making an annual contribution of at least $100. The Priority Point system is then used to determine priority during the allocation and upgrades of Football and Basketball seating along with other benefits afforded to members such as Bowl Games or NCAA Basketball ticket allotment.

Priority Points are Calculated Accordingly

Priority Giving

1 point for every $100 given to the RAF for priority seating for either Football or Men’s Basketball

Annual Giving

2 points for every $100 given NOT associated with priority seating; monies that are above and beyond your minimum requirement for seating purposes

Sports-Specific Giving

2 points for every $100 contributed to a specific sport, also includes Capital Gifts

Loyalty Points

2 points for every year of Rebel Athletic Fund membership

Season Ticket Holder

1 point for every year as a season ticket holder to Football and/or Men’s Basketball

UNLV Letter Winner

10 points for earning a letter in a varsity sport at UNLV (Max of 20 points)

UNLV Alumni

2 points as Alumnus/Alumnae of UNLV (Max of 4 points)

Gifts in Kind Annual

1 point for every $100 given to the RAF NOT associated with priority seating

Gifts in Kind Restricted

1 point given for every $100 given to a sports-specific or restricted giving area

Refer a Friend

Points will be awarded for all referrals that you provide to the RAF and will be awarded based upon the donor level that the “new” member participates at