Letterwinners Society

The Rebel Athletic Fund's Letterwinners Society is dedicated to building and sustaining meaningful engagement between former student-athletes and Rebel Athletics.

Events and experiences bring Rebel alumni together on a consistent basis to build fraternity among former Rebel athletes and establish a personal connection to our Rebels of today.

The program is also designed to express appreciation to all those who have worn the scarlet and grey. Unique discounts and exclusive access for Letterwinners, such as the Letterwinners section at Allegiant Stadium for UNLV Football, testify to the impact that our Letterwinners have had and continue to have as we build a championship program.

Above all, the Letterwinners Society is a celebration of community...a program that pays tribute to those who have laid the foundation for excellence that we stand on today.

To learn more or to make sure that you are counted as a Rebel Athletic Fund Letterwinners Society member, please add your contact information below or contact Cortney Gonzalez, Assistant Athletics Director at 702-895-4497 or cortney.gonzalez@unlv.edu.

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